Freestyle European Continental Championships

Photo: @TobiasWicke

Congratulations to British rider Charlotte Worthington, for becoming the first female BMX Freestyle European Champion! The first-ever Freestyle Euro Champs took place in Switzerland October 12-13, with 48 riders from 13 different countries representing in Cadenazzo. Taking second was German rider Lara Lessmann, and rounding off the podium was Elizaveta Posadskikh with 3rd place. Full results, including how qualification went down can be found below.

1 Charlotte Worthington GBR
2 Lara Lessmann GER
3 Elizaveta Posadskikh RUS

4 Teresa Fernandez-Miranda ESP
5 Rebecca Berg GER
6 Laury Perez FRA
7 Emma Finnegan GBR
8 Magalie Pottier FRA
9 Jennifer Wohlrab GER
10 Arina Azarova RUS
11 Ekaterina Kruglova RUS
12 Kenza Chaal FRA

1 Lara Lessmann GER
2 Charlotte Worthington GBR
3 Laury Perez FRA
4 Emma Finnegan GBR
5 Elizaveta Posadskikh RUS
6 Rebecca Berg GER
7 Teresa Fernandez-Miranda ESP
8 Jennifer Wohlrab GER
9 Magalie Pottier FRA
10 Ekaterina Kruglova RUS
11 Arina Azarova RUS
12 Kenza Chaal FRA

13 Isobell Burrell GBR
14 Nikol Prikrylova CZE
15 Jana Muradova NED
16 Angelika Izakova SVK
17 Katerina Jaluvkova CZE
18 Gemma Corbera Collado ESP

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