68 Series – Signature Caroline Buchanan Rims

Caroline Buchanan has a brand new signature rim coming into the market! The 68 Series Rims with their optimal weave carbon technology is available as a front and as a rear rim with brake surface. Rims are ready to ship October 2nd, and orders can be placed through www.michram-ind.com.au. We asked Caroline about the process of developing these rims and why she’s proud to have her name on them:

“Mitchram Industries has been a sponsor of mine, and I’ve been running his chainrings for 2 years now and as a fellow Australian company, I really wanted to support local and ride for a local brand. We decided that we wanted to collaborate together to introduce a new stiffer and stronger “OWT” (Optimal Weave Technology).

My main key points when I was designing the rim was I wanted to have it represent my love of clean lines, stealth black with a unique finish. We came up with the hand-woven layered design which to me has a real military, camo stealth vibe.

As a world champion, I wanted to make sure that it was world-class quality and be available in all 20-24 inch rim sizes as well as the strongest stiffest, and lightest rim combination. It’s finished with a matte black carbon finish, gray logos and decals… clean classy and simple.”

The Michram Industries Caroline Buchanan 68 Series signature rim with OWT (Optimal Weave Technology) is our newest and strongest rim yet. Made from a mixture of the highest strength standard modulus fibers available. The rims are then finished with multiple layers of handwoven T800 carbon fiber and bound together with a 255 degree high tg resin to give them Optimal strength and stiffness compared with other rims on the market. They also come with a 5 year warranty for the original purchaser. 

Available Rim Sizes

  • 20″ X 1 1/8″(451/30/21) – 28 spoke holes
  • 20″ X 1 3/8″(451/30/25) – 28 or 36 spoke holes
  • 20″ X 1.75″(406/30/30) – 36 spoke holes

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