Bike Check with Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe who is 5’9″ and goofy-footed, is also a very technical rider! Check out her bike setup below!

Frame: GT, Globetrotter 20.75 TT
Fork: Odyssey, F25
Bars: GT, Performer
Stem: Profile Racing, Push 53mm

Grips: RavX lock-on with Deda cork wrap
Seatpost: 🤷‍♀️
Seat: Tree, Ergo Slim with custom upholstery by yours truly
Pedals: Shimano, Deore XT 100mm

Cranks: Profile Racing, Classic Race, 170mm 19mm spindle
Sprocket: Profile Racing, Spline Drive 28 tooth
Tires: Maxxis, Grifter 2.1 folding
Wheels: Profile Racing Mini hubs with aluminum female axles laced to SUNringlé Envy rims using DT Swiss Champion spokes

Brakes: Shadow Sano v2 front, Shadow Sano v1 rear, Rant levers
Headset & Bottom Bracket: GT Power Series

Special Notes: My front brakes pull from the right lever and rear brakes from the left so I can do lawnmowers. All but two pins on each side of my right pedal are shorter so my back foot comes off more easily. The brake tracks on my rims are covered in glue so they lock easier. And no, that’s not real gator skin hahaha. Massive thanks to Ben, Z, and everyone at GT Bicycles, Matt and the folks at Profile Racing, Steve and fam at SCG Shoes, USA Cycling, Bell Helmets, Levi’s, and Champion for keeping me rolling with the best bikes and gear out there and of course thanks to my mom for being rad as hell.
And special thanks to Bea and Angie for doing such great work for the community with The Bloom!

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