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Kim Lea Müller Bike Check

It's been a big month for German rider Kim Lea Müller, check out her Colony BMX bike check here!

Rosa (@still_groovin) Bike Check

Rosa is 5'2", left foot forward, spins right, is rad and has peg tricks for days!

Duda Penso 2023 Bike Check

Combining the beauty of European architecture with the creativity that BMX gives, Duda Penso dropped a cinematic bike check on YouTube with Julio Cesar Popo. Check it out!

Emma ‘Finno’ Finnegan Bike Check

Emma Finnegan shares her bike check, she'll also be joining us for Bloom Week East Week 3!

Linda Grabner Bike Check

Austrian BMXer Linda Grabner provides us with an updated bike check.

Nene Naito Bike Check

Japanese BMX freestyle rider Nene Naito has been busy! She recently joined the Monster Energy Grassroots team and she even built up a new bike.

Bike Check with Rena Shirai

11-year-old Japanese BMX rider Rena Shirai gives us a bike check of her Barbie-inspired bike, check it out!

Laury Perez 2023 Bike Check

We caught up with French BMX freestyle rider Laury Perez for a breakdown of her latest bike setup. Laury is 5’4″ and is left-foot forward.

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