Bike Checks

  • Nikita Ducarroz Bike Check

    Beatrice June 1, 2020

    Swiss Rider Nikita Ducarroz has a brand new build, and in the game of BMX we pretty much customize our bikes anyways, but in this special case, Nikita has worked with Mongoose to develop a custom frame to her specifications. At 5’4″, Nikita has been riding this geo for the last 4 years on Mongoose, developed over time, combining different features from frame styles she’s enjoyed (Example: Dennis Enarson, Kyle…

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  • Bike Check : Sarah Lampert

    Angie Marie May 5, 2020

    Sarah Lampert just built up a fresh new bike. Take a closer look below! Frame: Cult Shorty, 20.5 Black Fork: Cult Sect V2 Chrome Bars:  Cult Foley Bars Chrome Stem: Profile Mark Mulville Push 48mm Aqua Grips: Cult Ricany Seatpost: Cult Counter Seat: Cult Ricany Pedals:…

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  • Bike Check with Irina Sadovnik

    Beatrice April 10, 2020

    Want to know what a Flatland World Champ rides on her bike? Well, we got you covered! Austrian Flatlander Irina Sadovnik is your FIRST-EVER Women’s UCI BMX Flatland World Champion, who was crowned just last year in 2019. Today we’re breaking down her bike, giving…

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  • Caroline Buchanan Bike Check

    Angie Marie March 27, 2020

    Take a closer look at 8x BMX & MTB World Champion and 2x Australian Olympic Athlete, Caroline Buchanan’s new setup. She niceeeeeee! Photos by : John Prutti Frame : Speed Co Velox Carbon Frame | Frame size: Pro Fork : Avian Versus Tapered Carbon Forks 20mm Stem…

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  • Bethany Shriever Joins Team Prophecy

    Beatrice March 12, 2020

    Congratulations to British Elite Women, Bethany Shriever, who recently took home a win at the British SX Open in Manchester, UK! We won’t say it’s because of her new ride, but we won’t say it’s not either! Bethany joins Team Prophecy this year, and we…

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