Bike Checks

  • Rachel Durbin Bikecheck

    Beatrice February 25, 2021

    We thought Rachel Durbin had a nice-looking bike set up, so we hit her up for a bike check! Check it out. Frame: Sunday Park Ranger 20.5 TT (Rachel is 5’2″) Brakes: Odyssey G3 Gyro Fork: Odyssey R25 Bars: Alienation Chicago Bars Stem: Profile Push Stem 48mm Grips: ODI Longneck ST Seatpost: Mission Stealth V2 Pivotal Seatpost Seat: Kink Overgrown Stealth Pivotal Seat Pedals: Primo Turbo PC Cranks: Profile 3…

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  • Lara Lessmann Bike Check

    Angie Marie February 16, 2021

    Photos by: Jan Bekurtz Lara Lessmann just built up a fresh new TOTAL BMX bike, check out what she pieced together! Frame: TOTAL BMX Hangover H4 19.8 Fork: TOTAL BMX TWS Bars: TOTAL BMX TWS 9“ Stem: Profile front load „push“ stem Grips: ODI O…

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  • Bike Check with Chelsea Wolfe

    Beatrice December 9, 2020

    Chelsea Wolfe who is 5’9″ and goofy-footed, is also a very technical rider! Check out her bike setup below! Frame: GT, Globetrotter 20.75 TT Fork: Odyssey, F25 Bars: GT, Performer Stem: Profile Racing, Push 53mm Grips: RavX lock-on with Deda cork wrap Seatpost: 🤷‍♀️ Seat:…

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  • Nikita Ducarroz Bike Check

    Beatrice November 30, 2020

    Didn’t we just do a bike check with Nikita? Yes… we did.. but that was in the Summer and now we need a winter bike right? KIDDING Nikita. Nikita is 5’4″ and rides left foot forward, check out Nikita’s brand new build below! Frame: Custom…

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  • Bike Check with Charlotte Worthington

    Angie Marie November 25, 2020

    Charlotte Worthington’s Bike Check! Check out Charlotte’s set up here Frame: Hyper Indy 20.5 Bars: SNAFU Jackson Stem: SNAFU V2 48mm top load Forks: SNAFU Magical Grips: ODI Cranks: SNAFU Mayweather Pedals: SNAFU Anorexic Seat: SNAFU combo seat Seat Post: SNAFU combo seat Sprocket: Ola…

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  • Anahi Valentina Bike Check

    Beatrice September 3, 2020

    Back in April we did an interview with Anahi and you know what, girlfriends got a brand new build for us! Anahi is 1.70 m (5’6″) and rides right foot forward. Check out her new build below, photo credit goes to Juan Andrés Tufiño. Frame:…

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  • Bike Check : Miss Jibb (Patricia Pacheco)

    Angie Marie June 27, 2020

    Miss Jibb’s (Patricia Pacheco) bike was recently stolen and Bike505 Shop helped her get rolling again! So we’ve caught up with her for a bike check! Frame: Subrosa Noster 20.8 Fork: Odyssey R25 Bars: Primo Rebar 10” Stem: Merritt top load Grips: Merritt Seat post:…

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