Natalya Diehm 3 time Gold Medalist at Australian Nationals

BeatriceMarch 15, 2021

Australian Freestyle BMX rider Natalya Diehm brings home gold for the third time in a row, at the Australian National Championships in Melbourne. Natalya goes on to say on her Instagram account:

“3rd year in a row for NATIONAL CHAMPION 🇦🇺 🥇! I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to ride this event and definitely didn’t ride at my full potential but glad my hand held up okay! Thanks @auscyclingaus for putting on the event and @rampfest for having it. Congrats to all of the other riders who competed on the weekend I think you all rode amazing 🔥”

Just less than a month ago, Natalya decided to pick a fight with the ground and was lucky to walk away with only a broken hand. The World 6 champ was projected to be in a splint for about 4-5 weeks but it looks like she’s mending in a positive direction! No word if the ground suffered any injuries during the altercation.


  • Natalya Diehm, 200 points
  • Sophie Hildebrand, 160 ponts

Main photo credit @chronis71

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