Week 12 at Woodward with Alise and Sam Willoughby

Don’t miss out on being coached by the two most iconic BMX racers in the game! Join Alise and Sam Willoughby during week 12 (Aug 22-28) at Woodward Pennsylvania, for one of the most unique and coveted experiences for a BMX racer. Head over to Woodwardpa.com for more information about their BMX camps.

“The winningest couple in BMX Race history, Alise and Sam Willoughby are true inspirations both on and off the track. Today, Woodward is equally stoked and humbled to welcome both as VIPs for Week 12 this summer. Between the unparalleled success of their professional careers, to their unrelenting spirit in the face of adversity, Sam and Alise are excited to come train our BMX Race campers this summer!” – Woodward

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