A to Z: BMX Style is now out!

The long-awaited “A to Z: BMX Style” is now out! We’re super stoked about this book, not only is it about BMX but it was also written by BMX Racer Payton P-Nut Ridenour! Learn more about the book below and follow the link to purchase.

I wrote a children’s alphabet book titled “A to Z: BMX Style” and they’re available for purchase now at www.thenuthouse.bigcartel.com The book is hardcover, all in color, and each letter of the alphabet pertains to something BMX related. It’s a great book to get kids interested in bikes–not just BMX! Also, try to find my dog Rocket on every page (her name, image or likeness).

I initially got the idea to write a children’s alphabet book from my Aunt Jennifer who has written A to Z hockey style books with the same format. Over ten years ago my mom and I wrote the first draft of the book and it sat on the computer for years until I rediscovered it last year during quarantine. I thought it would be a really cool idea to make the book become a reality because there is nothing in the BMX world that is educational based and grabs the kids’ attention at the same time. So I did a bunch of rewriting to make the book how I wanted and started the project.

My Aunt Jennifer was super supportive of this idea and helped guide me through the process of creating my first book. I started a Kickstarter campaign with a $10,000 goal to raise funds to cover the cost of illustrations and printing and exceeded the goal! With the support from the backers I was able to get the same guy that illustrated my Aunt’s books (Andy Lendway) to illustrate mine–and he did an amazing job. A few months later the illustrations and printing were done and the books were on the way to my house. To finally have a physical copy of my book in my hands and see all of my hard work come to life felt awesome! And I’m even more stoked to share it with everyone, so get your copy now and spread the word!

Purchase here: https://thenuthouse.bigcartel.com/

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