Thowback to Every Pedal With You

In 2015 Corrine Walder released a documentary where she followed Alise Post and Sam Willoughby over a span of a year, documenting the journey, including the highs and lows in racing at the elite level.  Every Pedal with You  is available for purchase on most online platforms, including Youtube.

An emotive documentary filmed over the course of twelve months, on two unique athletes and their individual stories on and off the bike. A rollercoaster journey for both Sam Willoughby and Alise Post as they face real life challenges up against the fight to the top. Sam Willoughby, who won silver at the 2012 Olympics wants to make history by winning his third ABA title, something he moved from Australia to California to do. His partner Alise Post, is also on the hunt to win the title and faces many difficulties in her personal life along the way. Will they make history?

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