Spotlight: Hannah Roberts & Got Milk

With only a few more months left until the Olympics, we caught up with American BMX Freestyler Hannah Roberts. We asked her some fan-submitted questions and talked about her new partnership with Got Milk? Did you see her bike check last week? Check it here.

Could you give us a brief rundown of how you got into riding for those who might not know?
I grew up playing a lot of team sports and I loved playing sports and being outside, but I didn’t really like relying on a group of people in order for me to do well or to win. I was a really competitive kid. One night when I was younger, I was watching TV with my parents and I saw BMX and saw how it was an individual sport, but it still had the team support and aspect to it as well. Honestly, it was at that moment that I knew I wanted to ride.

Looking back at 2020, how was the year for you? Was it weird to adjust to having no competitions that year, how did you adapt?
I started my year off on vacation in Australia and coming back to the States, I had a lot of plans and a lot of travel scheduled. The first two trips of the year worked out perfectly and then everything came to a stop. It was shocking, to say the least, we went from traveling all over the world and having a full year planned out to absolutely nothing, to a total lockdown. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Luckily, I was surrounded by great people and we mutually agreed to keep each other safe so we could continue to ride. 2020 was definitely hard, but I also got to figure what else motivates me. It was a good year for progression on my bike, but an even better year for progress off my bike.

2020 was the year Hannah Roberts won Nora Cup’s Women’s Rider of The Year Award.
Was it difficult to stay motivated when the Olympics was pushed or was it a relief in some ways?
It was the best of both worlds – it was super hard to stay motivated because my peak was The Olympics and when that stopped, I wasn’t motivated to continue to ride. But then, I was also blessed it happened because it gave me time – time I’ve never had! I have been traveling a lot since I was 12, so it was a blessing in disguise to do other things I enjoy – I got a puppy! I set some ground roots and I think that’s what motivated me the most, it was figuring out who I was outside of riding and that in the end will make me a better rider.

In a recent interview on Unclicked, we learned how Ryan became the coach for the women’s USA BMX freestyle team, could you share how he’s helped you?
Working with Ryan is amazing, he definitely has a lot of insight. He can help you in a contest and that is truly the best thing, you cannot ask for anything more than someone who already knows the game. He does have super high expectations, but I know he wants to push me outside my comfort zone to make me the best rider I can be. He has my best interest at heart. For advice, his number one overall piece of advice is “go faster.”

@Rudbio_Ridesbmx wants to know the trick that gave you the most problems or that was the hardest to master?
I would say the Flare Whip. I’ve only managed to complete it once so far. It’s my number one hardest trick.

You’ve got a pretty large trick list already but @Cookie_Nastazio wants to know what your top 5 dream tricks are?
1. Flip Bar Tuck – I did that last March for the first time, but it is too scary to do again.
2. Flip Double Whip
3. Roll Flip Tucks
4. Three Whip to Bar Spin
5. Three Down Whip

Hannah at FISE 2019
@Johnny_Tsunami_Official wants to know your proudest BMX moment so far?
Hands down, winning the 2019 World Championship. For the entire year of 2019 that was my whole motivation, and it has been my favorite moment in my BMX career. It was the first contest where I cried. My mom flew out for the competition, which was in China, and it was all surreal and I was so proud.

@Brant_moore  wants to know where you see women’s BMX by the next Olympics, do you think BMX Freestyle will stay?
I do think BMX Freestyle will stay! As for the women’s side, it is going to be gnarly! So many women have been absolutely destroying it, it’s amazing to see and it definitely makes me nervous for the qualification period in 2024! Women’s BMX has taken off so fast that the progression level is going to be indescribable.

Let’s talk about Got Milk?! Congratulations, how does it feel to be a part of this team? What are a few good things about having this sponsor?
Being a part of team MILK is awesome – just being able to partner with a campaign that I already promote with my lifestyle is amazing. I drink milk and have my entire life. I drink three to four glasses a day and it helps me to feel my best when I ride. I didn’t have to change anything about my training or routine to become a part of Team Milk. It’s an amazing feeling and can’t wait to see where things go from here.

What’s on schedule for the rest of the year for you, anything we should look out for?
The Olympics!! We also had a contest in May and a World Championship in June. As for me, after the Olympics, I am going to go on vacation!

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