USA BMX Freestyle Series : National Round 3

This past weekend was round 3 of the USA BMX Freestyle series at Woodward East. The contest was open to anyone who wanted to compete. The amateurs competed on Saturday and the elites competed on Sunday. In the 15 & over class, Bethany Hedrick really shinned with pulling a big whip on the box claiming 1st place. Excited to see all the amateurs grow and progress! In the Elite class, Hannah Roberts won by stomping her usual flair and throwing a big flip bar over the box. Nikita Ducarroz came out swinging almost giving Hannah a run for her money with flip tuck, a 360 can can and a 540 right at the buzzer. It’s also worth noting that it was important for USA BMX to have equal payout. This is the first year of hopefully many to come of the USA BMX Freestyle series! Full results and a quote from Tony D of USA BMX about equal pay below.

“Building on what our USABMX race association implemented in the US for UCI Sanctioned events, USABMX Freestyle also believes in equal pay for the Elite level UCI Sanctioned freestyle events. We hope this demonstrates how important our female competitors are to USABMX Freestyle, and we hope it encourages female riders to come ride at our events.”

-Tony Degollado / Director of National Freestyle Operations / USABMX Freestyle

10 & Under
1st Place Lilly Voss

1st Place Keir Sirlin
2nd Place Mia Custer

15 & Over
1st Place Bethany Hedrick
2nd Place Amanda Oneill

Elite Women
1st Place Hannah Roberts
2nd Place Nikita Ducarroz
3rd Place Perris Benegas
4th Place Angie Marino
5th Place Chelsea Wolfe
6th Place Cory Coffey

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