2021 UEC Flatland Women’s Results

BeatriceJune 4, 2021

This year, the Ruhr Games hosted the first-ever, UEC Flatland Championships at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion stadium in Bochum, Germany. Competing athletes and World champs like Dominik Nekolny and Irina Sadovnik were judged on difficulty, risk, style, originality, consistency, variety, control, and execution. We also saw an equal prize purse,  with € 1.000,00 for first place, € 650,00 for second place, and € 350,00 for third place.

Congratulations to Irina Sadovnik and Matthias Dandois your 2021, first-ever UEC BMX Flatland Champions at the Ruhr Games.  You can watch the women’s comp from beginning to end below. Congratulations to everyone, and we’re stoked to see events like these back on the map!

Womens Top 3 Results
1. Irina Sadovnik (AT)
2. Louise Seigneur (FR)
3. Julia Preuss (DE)

What are the Ruhr Games? The largest international sports & culture festival, featuring 16 sports like beach volleyball, judo, urban dance, boxing and of course BMX.

Photo by Markus Frühmann

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