Ariana Bibic Bike Check

Ariana Bibic is a German BMX Freestyle rider with over 20k followers on Instagram, and on a regular basis she does live Instagram interviews with BMX girls around the world! We love this! We’re going to be learning more about Ariana in the near future with an interview, but for now, check out her bike!

Height: 160cm
Foot Forward: Right
Spin: Left Side

Frame: Total Hangover H4 20.4”

The fresh Hangover H4 has a shorter rear end making it even more of a spinning and whippping machine! Other notable changes are that we have changed the seat clamp to a regular style clamp with an easily replaceable nut and bolt and of course we have added the exclusive DBS braking system. – Total BMX

Headset: Fiend Integrated

Fork: Kink Stoic 15mm

Bars: Shadow Vultus Featherweight 9”

Stem: Primo Aneyerlator V3

The Aneyerlator V3 stem is Tony Neyer’s signature model made from 7075 billet aluminum and features a laser etched Primo logo and weight saving machining. – Primo BMX

Grips: Odi Soft X-Longneck

Seat: WETHEPEOPLE “Arcade” tripod

Pedals: Kink Hemlock

Cranks: Total Hangover 165mm, Colony Bikes “Mid BB” 19mm bearing

Photos by Photos by Nick Kirschbacher

Sprocket: Salt Pro 25T

Chain: Salt Plus Warlock Half Link

Front Wheel: Mankind “Prometheus” Hub, Eclat E440 Rims, BSD butted spokes, KHE Bikes “MAC2+ Proof” tire

Back Wheel: SALT “Expert” hub (soon Colony Wasp Hub), Eclat E440 Rims, BSD Butted spokes, KHE Bikes “MAC2+ Proof” tire

Pegs: Fiction BMX “Nightstalker”

Hub Guards: G-Sport Uniguard, G-Sport Gland MK 4 Universal

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