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We’re catching up with German BMX rider Rebecca Gruhn today, and the bike she built up just for the Olympics. Rebecca is 5’4″, right foot forward, and is goofy-footed. Check out her setup below.

Frame: Colony Sweetooth 20.4

  • Alex Hiam’s signature frame
  • 13.25” rear, 75.2º HA, 71º ST.
  • 11.5″ BB Height.
  • Stand over height for 18.9″ & 20.4″ is 7.5″ (centre of BB shell to centre of TT).
  • Stand over height for 20.7″ & 21″ is 8.5″ (centre of BB shell to centre of TT).
  • Weight: 20.4″ version 5.2 lbs (2,358 grams).
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Headset: Colony Headset
Fork: Odyssey R25
Bars: Fiend Team Bars 9.0
Stem: Colony Squareback
Grips: ODI

I love how the whole bike came out. I’ve built it up for the Olympics and I love all the little details.

Seatpost: Colony
Seat: Colony
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Cranks: Colony
Sprocket: Wethepeople Felix Prangenburg
Chain: KMC Superlight

Front Wheel: Tall Order Glide Hub, Alienation Deviant Rim with Tubolito Tube and Maxxis Tire
Back Wheel: Tall Order Drone Hub, Gsport Ribcage Rim with Tubolito tube and Maxxis Tire
Pegs: Tree Trick Stick

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