2021 Bloom BMX Bowl Rider of the Year

2021 was a new chapter for women’s BMX with the introduction of BMX Freestyle to the Olympics. We saw queens crowned for the first time and new BMX royalties emerge. With a few categories left to go, we will be announcing each day the recipients of the remaining Bloom BMX Award categories.

Last week, Teresa Fernández-Miranda took Trail Rider of the year, today, we are pleased to announce Jesse Gregory as your 2021 Bloom BMX Bowl Rider of the Year.

Jesse Gregory

Bowl riding has become more and more popular thanks to events like Van’s Pro Cup, Rebel Jam, and recently Rockstar’s Chase Hawk Invitational in Texas, where Jesse Gregory took home the win in the women’s category. Jesse has been riding BMX since 9 years old. She started out as a racer, and eventually transitioned into park riding at the age of 15, bringing over years of bike control, speed, and precision to freestyle. As one of the new awards this year, this category was actually inspired by watching Jesse. With inspirations like Larry Edgar and Kris Fox, it’s no surprise Jesse Gregory shreds the bowl with ease and speed while popping manuals on deck and riding the waves of the bowl.

“I’m pretty sure we’ve been sponsoring Jesse Gregory since she was 14 or 15 – she rode our stuff before that so it’s hard to say – but 2021 has really been a stand-out year for her and it’s awesome to see all that she’s achieved. From her start as a racer – to her prowess at the trails and parks – to see Jesse collect well-deserved props for bowl riding cements it… “LilBMXWolf’ is the rippingest girl S&M has ever sponsored. We can’t wait to see what 2022 holds!” – Melissa Buckley (S&M and Fit)

“Jesse is someone I’ve always enjoyed watching ride! She’s always got cool unique lines riding bowls and she has a great style which was both big reasons why she won my inaugural event in Houston earlier this year. And her manual game just keeps getting better and better which I’m personally a huge fan of. It’s been rad watching her develop her own style over the years and now take home awards like bowl rider of the year! Congrats and well deserved Jesse!” – Chase Hawk

“I remember watching Jesse ride Sheep Hills a good six-plus years ago. We were all locals around the Orange County scene and would see her down there regularly. The way she cranked and hit everything at that legendary spot that built so many incredible riders over the decades made it obvious to us all that she was well on her way to becoming an amazing rider as well. A few years later she was traveling the world with us on the Vans Pro Cup series and now she’s Bloom bowl rider of the year. That rules and it’s no surprise to us! Sheep and Volcom! Congrats, Jesse. Jesse Rules!” – Kris Fox

Photos by @willwiththecamera, main photo by Colin Mackay

Tomorrow we will announce the 2021 Bloom BMX Rookie of the year.

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