2021 Bloom BMX Trail Rider of the Year

2021 was a new chapter for women’s BMX with the introduction of BMX Freestyle to the Olympics. We saw queens crowned for the first time and new BMX royalties emerge. For the next two weeks, we will be announcing each day the recipients of the remaining Bloom BMX Award categories.

Yesterday, Linda Grabner took Street Rider of the year, today, we are pleased to announce Teresa Fernández-Miranda as your 2021 Bloom BMX Trail Rider of the Year.

Teresa Fernández-Miranda

Spanish rider Teresa Fernández-Miranda, is in my opinion one of the most well-rounded riders out there, and whether it’s on concrete or on dirt, she’ll boost it all with ease and throw in a stretched can-can just for fun. Teresa continues to push her own limits on dirt, and perhaps a product of her own surroundings, she can be found honing her skills at various trails in Spain. As one of the newer categories for The Bloom BMX awards, we’re stoked that Trail Rider of the year went to Teresa. Here are more words from her peers.

“We have always been super proud of Teresa and we are beyond stoked that she is the Bloom trail rider of the year! We have always admired Teresa for what she does, from when she used to work on a car factory on the weekends to be able to jump in her car to ride all week sleeping on the back of the car with the goal to ride as much as she could, till today where she’s not afraid to go anywhere or to drive countless hours knowing that her goal stills the same. She rides like she wants to ride and she can ride anything and always with her own style and we love to see that! Happy to support someone with such a passion and looking forward to seeing where that passion brings her next.” – Fly Bikes

“I voted for Tere Williams because she has flow when she rides. Her riding style is effortless and stylish something most females strive for. Her riding style also transfers over to other disciplines which is rad. This video is how I first saw her and have been impressed ever since” – Carley Young

“Tere, Felicitaciones por ganar mejor trail rider de the Bloom BMX awards!? Te lo mereces al ? ! Tienes tanto estilo y flow. Siempre te admiro rodando por la altura que llevas en tus saltos y como lo haces para que se ve fácil. Tienes todo mi respeto. You’ve got all my respect. Eres una gran Rider y inspiración! Un abrazo , sigue así ??” – Ariana Bibic

“I am so pumped that Teresa is trail rider of the year this year. Her style is endless. I am so excited for her and can’t wait to see what she does next year!” – Sarah Lambert

On Monday we will announce the 2021 Bloom BMX Bowl Rider of the year.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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