2021 Bloom BMX Brand of the Year

2021 was a new chapter for women’s BMX with the introduction of BMX Freestyle to the Olympics. We saw queens crowned for the first time and new BMX royalties emerge. With a few categories left to go, we will be announcing each day the recipients of the remaining Bloom BMX Award categories.

Yesterday Aubrée Henson took Rookie of the year, today, we are pleased to announce Vans BMX as your 2021 Bloom BMX Brand of the Year – again!

Vans BMX

This year, it was hard to not notice the growing number of riders getting hooked up, very likely due to companies wanting to catch that Olympic train. We’ve also seen staple companies and long-time BMX institutions step up and recognize the growing talent in Women’s BMX; and honestly, it would have been ideal to see another brand or company take Brand of the year, but the votes don’t lie … when it comes to supporting women’s BMX, Vans has solidified and integrated into our world. As our 2019 Brand of the year as well, the support for women’s BMX hasn’t slowed down, if anything it’s only continued to grow, including support for what we do here at The Bloom BMX.

This year, Vans BMX was the only company to put out a full-length women’s edit, which featured their global athlete, Angie Marino – it’s also important to mention that this was the only full-length and solo female edit that came out this year too. Vans BMX is also one of the very few companies to globally sponsor women and in BMX, this includes athletes like Angie Marino (USA/ Global), Perris Benegas (USA/ Global), Maca Perez Grasset (CHI), Natalya Diehm (AUS), Ellie Chew (NZL), Teresa Fernández-Miranda (ESP), Minato Oike (JPN) and Eduarda Penso (BRA) to name a few.

We’d like to thank Vans BMX for sponsoring this year’s Bloom BMX awards and would like to also give a notable mention to the following brands who deservingly received nods this year as well: Cult, Odyssey, Kink, Redbull, Rockstar, and Sunday Bikes.

“Me encanta Vans, es la mejor marca de zapatillas y ropa del mercado. Siempre apoyando al máximo a sus riders. También hacen los mejores eventos de BMX del mundo. Es un honor montar para esta marca ???” – Teresa Fernández-Miranda

“Gracias a Vans tenemos un mejor lugar en el bmx y muchas oportunidades para que podamos seguir viviendo todo esto, apoyando a mujeres de todo el mundo, gracias Vans!” – Maca Perez Grasset

“Vans are one of the biggest supporters in BMX from holding contests to producing the best shoes to ride in and deserve to win this award every year! I am so lucky to be able to ride for Vans and appreciate everything they do for me and many other riders out there. THANK YOU VANS! ❤️” Natalya Diehm

Tomorrow we will announce the 2021 Bloom BMX Comeback of the year.

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