Perris Benegas Leaving Cult

It’s that time of year! No, not the holidays, it’s that time where announcements are dropping about team changes and new sponsors are announced. Perris Benegas has announced she is leaving Cult after 3+ years. Who will Perris move on to next? Big things to come for sure.

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Robbie Morales and the entire Cult Crew for the past 3+ years! Being brought in and accepted by the entire team and having them both appreciate and support the woman’s side of freestyle was nothing short of an honor. What they taught me and how they supported me shows how much of an amazing brand they are. Words can’t explain the appreciation I have for them all.
For 2022 I’ll be switching brands, but Robbie assured me I’m always welcome to hang and ride!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you @cultcrew ♥️

Photo: @colinmackaybmx

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