2022 Rays MTB Women’s Weekend Recap

Another solid Women’s Weekend at Rays MTB, and as someone who decided to stay back in Canada because the cost of traveling right now is ridiculous, let’s just say I had some serious FOMO. What started out to be a more casual version of Women’s Weekend for 2022, shaped out to be another structured success thanks to a community of organizers which included Carley Young, Nina Buitrago, Chelsea Moon, Brooke Trine, and Cory Coffey. We reached out to some of the attendees about what Women’s Weekend at Rays MTB means to them and also check out some of the content from Brant Moore.

@joc313 “Women’s Weekend at Ray’s was for the books! This was my first time at this event (believe it or not) and I had no idea it would be as epic as it was. There was so much stoke, so much shredding, ladies learning new things, all of the good stuff in one place. I’m seriously so glad I went. It’s tough to pick, but I think my favorite part of the whole weekend is that I was finally able to connect with some of the ladies who I’ve been in contact with but just online. Meeting them in person and getting to share laughs and hugs was really really rad. Riding bikes can be intimidating but this event is killer for letting you break out of your shell if you are unsure or nervous. I am SO proud of all the chicks who pushed their limits this weekend and equally as proud of the ones who gave bikes a try for the first time here. You rule!! Massive thanks to the park and ladies who made this happen. I love all of you.”

@allie_wolfe “My first time at Ray’s was for Women’s Weekend 5 years ago, and I’ve tried to make the event weekend each year since then. I don’t participate in the girls-only session because I travel from South Florida with a group of guys, who are all supportive of my riding and make this trip with me to help with the cost. I just enjoy Women’s Weekend because it’s a weekend that brings out other girl riders from all over, and riding with girls is so rare for me that I’ll take that opportunity whenever I can get it.”

@jess_barkbark – “For me, it’s the one time a year that I can actually ride without anxiety. Us girls I think have it tough when always surrounded by guys and the pressure that comes with it. We don’t see much of us so you know all eyes are on us as soon as we drop in. The uplifting support you get out of it is just amazing, everyone is rooting for you! Even the shy girls break out of their shells and friendships blossom like wildflowers. Best weekend of the year. ?”

@dani_cifuentes “I’m not quite sure when was my first Women’s Weekend at Ray’s was, but I have been there since the one in 2015 (I think). If you’re a female rider on any kind of bike, this is a MUST-go event, just being a part of it, is such a great experience and gets you pumped up for the whole year. Looking back to videos from years ago, just made me realize how much everything has improved, Women’s Weekend is a safe riding space for us women in the sport, we can share our strengths and fears with each other and grow together, I feel like we understand better when riding or being coach by women. My favorite part about this weekend was definitely seeing my friends from other states, that I haven’t seen in years. Connecting with new rad women and cheering on each other, making videos, dancing, and laughing till your belly hurts.”

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