Product Review: Recon Knee Pads

If you’re in the market for some new knee protection, I think you should check out the new Recon Knee Pads from Six Six One. Now, this isn’t going to be for everyone, especially if you’re someone that requires maximum protection from the hardest of impacts, but if you’re looking for some minimal protection for an easy full day of riding, this is a good choice. If by the end of the review you found yourself sold, Bloom BMX readers can use BLOOMRIDES661 for 20% off.

The Recon Knee Pads are Sleek

I’ve been wearing these pads for about 3 months now, and every time I have them on, I have people asking me why I’m not wearing pads because they’re that sleek! They’re thin and light and just so minimal and discreet under pants. If you’re someone who rides with tight pants, these pads will barely take up any space and will still give you a full range of motion thanks to the stretchy materials used.

The Recon Knee Pads are Easy

In my opinion, the main draw for these pads is the sleeve-style construction. In comparison to some of the other sleeve-style pads I’ve had, the Recons are easy to pull up and they stay in place thanks to the top and bottom grippers. Taking them off is struggle-free and they barely take up any space in your backpack. Lastly, when they start to stink, just toss them into the laundry machine with everything else. I’ve done a few washes so far and other than one mystery string, they’re still holding on like new.

The Recon Knee Pads are Comfortable

Whether I was riding for an hour or a full day, I found myself keeping these on even during lunch and dinner breaks. Six Six One strategically placed mesh and stretchy fabrics to make these pads feel breathable. These pads were designed longer too; they sit higher on the thigh and lower on the shin for maximum comfort and protection. For this reason, if you’re like me and you found yourself between sizes, there is no risk with going larger, especially if you have super developed thighs or calves, you can trust that it’s going to be form-fitting where it’s supposed to be thanks to the sleeve technology.

There you go! I hope this review gives you a better idea of the new Six Six One Recon Pads. Bloom BMX readers can use BLOOMRIDES661 for 20% off if you decide to order.

Bloom BMX readers can use BLOOMRIDES661 for 20%

Official Specs: new-recon-knee-black

The original Recon pads were an exercise in minimalist trail protection. Our completely redesigned CE 1621-1 rated Recon pads take the torch on and improve all aspects of our most pedal-friendly pad.

The NEW Recon features increased protection certification from a machine washable D3O Ghost insert that gives maximum flexibility and increased impact absorption.

An extended sleeve construction for improved comfort and a secure fit backed with our Padlock connection system that links our kneepads and protective shorts.

Super lightweight, machine washable – all-day ride comfort.

  • New D3O Ghost protective inserts offer some of the lightest, flexible and breathable CE 1621-1 rated protection available.
  • Extended coverage for upper shin protection.
  • Lightweight stretch construction with abrasion resistant stretch fabrics.
  • Strategically placed stretch mesh fabrics improve airflow and breathability.
  • Elastic & silicone top and bottom grippers.
  • Knee pads fit higher on the thigh than many other pads to provide superior comfort and fit.
  • Padlock connectors provide system interconnectivity with 661 protective shorts.
  • Sizes S – XL
  • Weight (size large): Knee; 322g. Elbow; 280g
  • Sold as a pair

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