Spotlight on Daleny Vaughn

She’s a rising talent and a must-watch; today we get to know American BMX racer, Daleny Vaughn a little bit better.

How were you introduced to BMX racing?

My brother and dad raced, and my parents ran the BMX track, so I gave it a go and have not stopped since! So I was pretty much born into it!

How did your parents get into running a BMX track, and what are some highs and lows of having a track run by your parents?

They originally opened Raytown BMX in Raytown, Missouri in 1999 but before the first race happened, my dad received a job offer in Tucson, and coincidentally they were also looking for a track operator in Tucson. So they packed up and moved down here and have been doing it since! The highs of running a track are being able to go and train whenever I need to! There aren’t too many lows but just keeping up with constant maintenance of the track would be one of them.

Photos by Colin Mackay

Since you started racing, what were the first few brands that you started representing, and who are your supporters today?

When I was younger probably from the age of 6 to 14, I raced for the team my dad ran, D3 BMX. He made BMX frames and so I always rode that. He obviously still supports me and now I run the D3 team with 28 riders. Some of my supporters today are DK, Fly, Vans, and Biolab. 

Could you break down who your sponsors and supporters are, and name one awesome fact or product we should know about.

  • DK Bikes: Fun fact, they stem from a stem, be sure to check out the Zenith frame
  • Fly Racing: Radium bicycle pants are guaranteed to be one of the comfiest pants you will wear. 
  • Biolab Sciences: Fun fact,  Arizona based and the only company that can make a 100% autologous skin substitute. 
  • Vans: Old Skools check all the boxes, comfort, looks, durable and grippy, what is there not to like?
  • BOX: Fun fact, in 2008 Toby got his first patent for the brake lever grip combo
  • Duo Brand: HI-Lo pedals are the best flat pedals I’ve owned. 
DK Zenith Disc BMX Frame

Generally speaking, what’s like the number one ask of sponsors to keep them happy, aside from results?

Aside from results, I would say social media. Keeping that positive and updating them on what’s going on. Another important thing is being a positive figure at the races. 

What is the most nonglamorous part about being a professional racer you would like people to know and understand?

So far I have really enjoyed all aspects of racing. I’m still pretty new to the professional scene so I’m sure more of this will come, but I think the only thing is just not being able to go out with friends, stay out late and eat whatever I want. Just making sure to keep my body in tip-top shape. 

On the flip side, what’s a glamorous experience you’ve had? One of those, dang, I can’t believe I’m here moments.

One thing that came to my mind was when I was in Italy last year. We took a drive to Lake Garda, the most beautiful place I’d ever seen and I was sitting there on my bike just looking at this beautiful landscape and that exact same thought crossed my mind. 

I absolutely love that you’ve started a Youtube channel, what’s your goal and plan with this?

The reason for the Youtube channel is to show kids what I do and what they can do too. Whenever I come home from a trip and go to the track, the kids always have so many questions for me, so I thought it would be cool for me to vlog my trips and show them what I do. Also, I thought it would be a good way for people to get to know me better.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you’re stepping into the gate, do you have any race day rituals? 

I always do the exact same warm-up and my breakfast and race day lunch is always the same. If I am riding well that day, I will always take the exact same warm-up and cool-down path. My behind-the-gate routine never changes. 

What’s your go-to for keeping your legs feeling fresh between motos and between race days?

Staying hydrated for sure and going for recovery rides between motos. 

@Cjsmith360 wants to know who your favorite pro-girl and boy is.

Pro girl, Caroline Buchanan, she is someone who I looked up to growing up. My favorite pro men would have to be Corben Sharrah and Kyle Jensen, I love to ride and train with them and it’s awesome to have two local other pros in town. 

Daleny is wearing the SS BOXY TEE, which is from the new Vans x Angie Marino colab.

@Breezy_bender wants to know what they should do for faster gates?

Really just don’t overthink it, do some box sprints to perfect your form, and then transition that into the gate. Just lead with your head and shoulders and you will be ready to go! 

What are your goals and dreams for the next 5 years? 

The Olympics and USABMX titles are for sure on the top of the list and to just be a well-rounded athlete that kids can look up to. Also, a world title would be awesome. 

Quick 10 Favourites 

  • Helmet Brand: Fly Racing, Werx
  • Race Pants: Fly Racing, Radium Bicycle Pants
  • Race Tires: Tioga
  • Everyday Shoes: Vans
  • Cheat Meal: Frozen Totino’s Pizza 
  • Song to get pumped to: Unstoppable The Score
  • Protein Powder: Klean Athlete
  • Race Track: Sports Park BMX
  • Bike Bag: DK Bicycles “Golf” bike travel bag
  • City to Visit: San Diego

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