UEC BMX European Cup – Round 1 Results

Elite level racing is on the go this weekend in Verona, Italy; here are your top 8 results from Round 1 of the UEC BMX European Cup from Saturday, April 2nd. Main photo from @BMXVerona.

Women Under 23

  1. Francesca Cingolani Ferreira ITA
  2. Emma Jouteau FRA
  3. Eliška Bartuňková CZE
  4. Indy Scheepers NED
  5. Adriana Dominguez Bernal ESP
  6. Zoé Hapka FRA
  7. Mariona Calvis Garcia ESP
  8. Michelle Wissing NED

Women Junior

  1. Valerie Vossen BEL
  2. Lissi Van Schijndel NED
  3. Sabina Košárková CZE
  4. Aiko Gommers BEL
  5. Yvette De Waard NED
  6. Robyn Gommers BEL
  7. Laurine Crozet FRA
  8. Pauline Peyrard FRA

Women Elite

  1. Laura Smulders NED
  2. Bethany Shriever GBR
  3. Zoe Claessens SUI
  4. Saya Sakakibara AUS
  5. Sae Hatakeyama JPN
  6. Mathilde Doudoux FRA
  7. Manon Veenstra NED
  8. Camille Maire FRA

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