Inspirational Amputee, Bri Welch

A mini-documentary that has been in the works since September, Brant Moore released today a story that follows the life of Bri Welch, a flatlander, an amputee and an inspiration. Learn about her story here and how Vans came through with a custom shoe to support her riding.

“I saw Bri riding at the 2021 Nowear Cornhuckit event in Nebraska and immediately knew I wanted to tell some of her story through video. We did an interview that night and it just didn’t feel like enough. So over the months that followed, Bri and her boyfriend Tony gathered video from the past as well as some new video to really bring things together. We also were hoping to wait long enough to show a shoe that Vans was working on just for Bri. With the video of opening the new shoes then putting them on and riding in them, we get to the finished video you see today. As Kim Klisiak says in the video, Bri is an inspiration to us all and I hope that this video finds someone who may need it.” – Brant Moore

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