Quick Questions with Kenza Chaal

Name: Kenza Chaal
Socials: @kenzachaalbmx
Age: 19
Hometown: Sérignan, France
Sponsors: Angelotti Beziers

What is your BMX origin story – How did you get into BMX? There’s a skatepark that opened next to my house, I went to look and I wanted to try BMX, since I do BMX ahah

What languages do you speak? French and a little bit of English 

Your top three parks: 

  1. Montpellier Skatepark (Pole France Olympique)
  2. Aigles Skatepark (Suisse / Switzerland)
  3. Area 51 (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Top three songs to get you pumped

  1. “La Street” by Jul
  2. “JCVD” by Jul
  3. “Dior” by Pop Smoke

Three people who inspire you and why?

  1. Charlotte Worthington, because she is the first gold medalist in the Olympics!
  2. Clarisse Agbegnenou for what she did in Judo!
  3. My dad for all he’s done for me

What is a trend in BMX you want to stop seeing? Nothing! BMX has a good atmosphere, I think it’s necessary to change nothing.

How do you spend your days off your bike? I go to school and I go to see friends 

Favourite person to ride with? My teammates, Anthony Jean-Jean, Istvan Caillet, Maxime Bringer, Laury Perez…

Favourite shoes to ride in? My favorite shoes are Vans

Most inspirational quote: “Work in silence, success will take care of the noise”

Best advice given: “Have fun on your bike!”

Your biggest fear? Spiders ahah

Your proudest accomplishment? My 2021 World Championship Final

Three guilty pleasures:

  1. Chocolate 
  2. Fast-food 
  3. Candy

Your worst habit? Getting up late! Ahah

If you could hire someone to help you in some sort of aspect of your life, what would it be? To organize my schedule I would say Ahaha 

Your top three future goals you want to achieve: 

  1. Graduate 
  2. Be champion of France 
  3. Make a final in all international competitions 

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