Perris Benegas – Bike in a Bag by Haro BMX

Ever wondered what a bikes looks like after a few dozen times in and out of a bike bag, thrown on and off planes, built up, broken down, and ridden all over the world by an Olympic Athlete for 8 months?

To put it lightly, Perris’ bike looks like it has been to hell and back! Perris has been shredding this bike all over the world to help out with testing for a new park specific signature frame with Ryan Nyquist called the Quist!

So when Perris touched down in Huntington Beach California for the Van’s Waffle Cup, we caught up with her to check out her Bike in a Bag and find out the whys and hows of Perris’ bike packing technique and then we went for a cruise around HB to shake off the jet lag.

The Quist is nearing the end of it’s first round of testing and is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2023. We will have more specific information available for The Quist once testing is complete.

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