Vans BMX Waffle Cup Women’s Finals Results

The Bloom BMX had an unbelievable, epic weekend at Waffle Cup! Not only did we have a feature center stage designed and painted by women (Beatrice Trang, Angie Marino and Anna Moultan), but we had a female co-host (Natalya Diehm) and two female judges (Linda Grabner and Nina Buitrago) join the panel. BMX has come a very long way for women’s BMX and we’re thankful to Vans for giving us this opportunity to elevate the scene! Bloom highlights coming soon, here are your full results.

Final Results

1st: Perris Benegas
2nd: Angie Marino
3rd: Nikki Wetzel
4th: Jesse Gregory
5th: Bethany Hedrick
6th: Emma Finnegan
7th: Dany Moran
8th: Saige Thunstrom
9th: Duda Penso
10th: Sarah Lampert

Photo by Naoki G and Jeff Z

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