Vans The Circle Video Contest

Vans “The Circle” Video Contest, is a global initiative to support local BMX stores. This year, the 360 BS Store went in with an all-women part, including riders such as Francina Fernández Buitrago, Gina Petrella, Queensaray Villegas Serna and Katherinne Rios Gomez.

Full article:

“We’re stoked to announce that Vans ‘The Circle’ is back for 2022 with 18 shops competing from around the globe by creating videos of their local scenes. Read on to find out everything you need to know including the full list of stores that you’ll be seeing videos from here from October 25th. Don’t forget to come back and vote for your DIG Community Favourite too and be in the with the chance of winning an awesome footwear package from VANS.”

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