Keir & Perris – Haro BMX Edit

There’s nothing like an edit with Keir Sirlin and Perris Benegas to ring in the new year! This edit was filmed over a weekend in Salt Lake City sometime in the spring of last year, and just right after the Haro Colombia trip. Team Manager Joey Cobbs goes into more detail below.

Filmed & Edited By : Joey Cobbs

How the edit was developed

The idea for this project came from Perris during the Haro team trip to Colombia. We were in the bus, driving up into the mountains outside Bogota when she said she thought it would be cool to meet up with Keir and film an edit with her. One of my hopes for Keir when she joined the team was that she would form a friendship and riding mentorship with Perris and so Perris having this idea and suggesting it was a really great step towards that reality. And to add to that, Perris had just barely joined Haro when this all happened, literally three months before Colombia the team was meeting Perris for the first time in North Carolina and that’s when I first spoke to the team about wanting to ask Perris to join the team. And so Perris coming up with this project with Keir was really the next piece of the puzzle coming together.

So the month after Colombia, we were out in Salt Lake City to hang out and ride with Keir and her family for a long weekend. Unfortunately we had super rough weather which never really seemed to break for us during the trip. But after a weekend of dodging rain, hail and snow to catch a few rad sessions with rad people we were able to come away with an awesome edit that has great energy and will hopefully motivate for more projects like this down the road.

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