Mind Tricks x Red Bull Women’s BMX Progression Camp

While there are people in the world asking, “What can my community do for me?”, there are a rare few, selflessly asking, “What can I do for my community?”.

Olympian Nikita Ducarroz asked this question, and with the support of her sponsors, created a progression week for women’s BMX where she invited a select few from around the world to come together for a week of progression, training, and personal growth in North Carolina. 

Each evening brought a new opportunity for the women to grow personally and professionally; from a group session with Red Bull’s social media directors, to navigating self doubt and building a champion mindset with Dr. Jason Richardson. 

Building your community provides a sense of belonging, and so on the last day of the women’s progression week, Nikita invited her entire community for an open session, where both the young and old came to DDASC to ride with their heroes for the day. 

Riders: Nikita Ducarroz @nikita.ducarroz, Lara Lessmann @lara_lessmann, Queen Villegas @bmx_queensaray, Angie Marino @a_ngiemarie, Kim Lea Müller @kimlea.mueller, Cory Coffey @misscorycoffey, Maca Grasset Perez @macapgrasset, Hannah Roberts @hannah_roberts_bmx, & Perris Benegas @perrisbenegas.

Edited by: Angie Marino

Filmed by: Juani Zurita & Beatrice Trang

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