Women’s BMX in the News

It’s a tough task to keep up with the mainstream news around women’s BMX, but here’s a round-up of just SOME of the articles and videos this month. Check it out.

International Women’s Day 2023: From Serena Williams to Cléopâtre Darleux, the initiatives of female athletes contributing to gender equality in sport

Link: https://olympics.com/en/news/international-women-day-2023-williams-darleux-initiatives-gender-equality

“Founded by American BMX freestyle rider Angie Marino and former BMX racer Beatrice Trang, The Bloom BMX is a website dedicated exclusively to women’s sport. Since it was launched in 2019, the website has showcased the women’s BMX scene, covering all disciplines from park, to racing, dirt and flat. Beyond being a news platform, the website has also featured young up-and-coming riders, such as Japan’s BMX flat rider Carin Hommura, who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Closing Ceremony. Before The Bloom BMX wrote about her she wasn’t well-known outside of Japan, but the platform has helped her attract new sponsors.” By Awalice Fall-Mabon

The Wheel Mill encourages newcomers to try Pittsburgh’s mountain biking scene

Link: https://nextpittsburgh.com/outdoor-guide/the-wheel-mill-encourages-newcomers-to-try-pittsburghs-mountain-biking-scene/

“At 80,000 square feet, The Wheel Mill indoor bike park found on the border of Homewood and Point Breeze has become a playground for mountain bikers and BMX riders. But it’s not just for adrenaline junkies. It’s also a great place to get started in a new sport, says owner and founder Harry Geyer.” by Sebastian Foltz

Caitlin Yeager, 33, practices during a women’s clinic at The Wheel Mill. Photo by Sebastian Foltz.

How is BMX freestyle superstar Hannah Roberts’ progression toward Olympic gold shaping up?

Link: https://olympics.com/en/news/bmx-freestyle-superstar-hannah-roberts-progression

“I’ve been away from social media for a few weeks, trying to get my head on straight again,” wrote the American. “The journey to Tokyo and the experience is supposed to make you the strongest you have ever been. There was a lot of mental and physical battles but I wouldn’t take it back! I had a blast and I’m proud to see where I started. I took some time to heal both physically and mentally and I’m pumped to be back able to ride again!” – Hannah Roberts

Mariana Pajon: Woman With Most Olympic BMX Medals

Link: https://www.ndtv.com/feature/international-womens-day-mariana-pajon-woman-with-most-olympic-bmx-medals-3844639

“With a total of three medals, Mariana formally owns the Guinness World Records title for the most female BMX Olympic medals. She earned two gold medals in women’s BMX at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games and a silver medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games on July 30, 2021. Known as “The Queen of BMX”, she began her professional career at the young age of five, when she first got on a BMX bike.” by Nikhil Pandey

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