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Japanese BMX freestyle rider Nene Naito has been busy! She recently joined the Monster Energy Grassroots team and she even built up a new bike. Nene is 5’2″, left foot forward and we have the full breakdown below.

Frame: Sunday Park Ranger 19.75″

Frame: Sunday Park Ranger 19.75″
“The Park Ranger is unique to our frame lineup, and was created to meet the requests of friends and flow riders that were looking for this geometry in our frame offerings. The Park Ranger was also made so even more riders can experience the quality and innovations that Sunday is known for.

This new frame design draws inspiration from the Street Sweeper and makes use of its tube set and short chain stays to help create a tech driven frame with a steep head tube angle, a tall bottom bracket, hollow dropouts with integrated chain tensioners and a significantly lower standover.

The Park Ranger includes all of the necessary (and fully removable) braking and Gyro tab hardware that park and transition riders look for when building a new bike. The frame’s front triangle makes use of traditional round Nightshift-style top and down tubes with proven internal gusseting for added strength.”

Fork: Sunday Darkwave Fork
Handlebar: The Shadow Conspiracy “Vultus Featherweight” Bars
Stem: Mullet Type-S Stem
Grips: ODI Super Soft
Brakes: Odyssey Evo 2.5
Lever: Odyssey M2
Cable: Odyssey SLS Linear Slic Kable
Seat: Odyssey Flora Hot Pivotal
Seat Post: Sunday Pivotal Seat Post

Seat: Odyssey Flora Hot Pivotal

Cranks: Profile BMX Race Cranks
Sprocket: Profile 28t × 1/8
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird CHain
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals
Front Tire: Maxxis 2.10
Front Rim: Alienation TCS mischief
Front Hub: BSD Swerve Front Hub
Back Tire: Odyssey Super Circuit Tire 2.10
Back Rim: Alienation TCS mischief
Back Hub: BSD Revolution Hub

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