Oceania Continental Championships Results

Final results from the Women’s Oceania Continental Championships | Rotorua, New Zealand 16 Apr 2023.

1. Baylee Luttrell NZL
2. Amber Robson NZL
1. Leila Walker NZL
2. Teya Rufus AUS
3. Sienna Pal AUS
4. Isabell May AUS
5. Isabella Schramm AUS
6. Brooke Penny ZNL
1. Saya Sakakibara AUS
2. Megan Williams NZL
3. Erin Lockwood AUS

“Fellow national champion Saya Sakakibara showed full confidence in her first race on a full-sized start ramp since suffering a concussion last June. In the elite women’s final, Sakakibara jumped out to a commanding lead and held off Megan Williams (NZ) and Erin Lockwood to win by almost a second.

Sakikibara said it felt good to know she can get into the racing zone again on 8-metre ramps. She is now looking forward to the upcoming international season.

“This week was just a kind of like a practice into Tulsa [for the USA BMX Pro Series] in two weeks’ time, and then three weeks after that it’s going to be the World Cup, so I think this weekend was pretty successful,” Sakakibara said.” – Read More on Aus Cycling

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