Emma ‘Finno’ Finnegan Bike Check

We’re very excited to have UK BMXer Emma Finnegan come join us for Bloom Week at Woodward East during Week 3; this will be the second time she’ll be joining us, last year being the first at West. Actually, there’s a funny story there related to today’s bike check. Check out her bike check and the story below.

Name: Emma ‘Finno’ Finnegan
What is your height?: 5’2″
Left or Right Foot Forward? Left
Which way do you spin? Right

Frame: Kink, Williams Frame, 20.5″

“The Williams frame is Nathan Williams’ first signature frame from Kink and features modern street geometry while retaining a classic look. Despite the classic look though, the frame features several subtle details that should not be overlooked. The steeper 75.5-degree headtube is responsive, and the short 12.75” chainstay length makes the frame nimble without compromising on tire clearance; fitting up to 2.5” tires. The double butted toptube and downtube with gussets on both, ensure plenty of strength in the front end while the chainstay and seatstay bridge designs allot for generous tire clearance while adding as much stiffness as possible. Nathan’s frame of course comes standard with integrated seat post clamp, integrated chain tensioners, and removeable brake mounts. Additional details like the custom seatstay bridge badge inlay, and interior dropout knurling round out both the good looks and serious functionality of the Williams frame.”Kink BMX

Kink BMX Stem

Fork: Kink, Vogue Forks, 25mm
Handlebar: Demolition, Rig Bars, 9″
Stem: Kink, Highrise Stem, 53mm
Headset: Kink, Integrated II
Grips: Demolition, Axes Flangeless
“Axes grips features ultra soft circle lines that creates a nice soft feel. Complete with Axes plugs. Available in flange and non-flange. Great feeling grips right out of the box.” Demolition

Kink Global Seat

Seat: Kink, Global Seat
“The Kink Global Stealth features a four panel design with a heavy duty vinyl cover. The top and rear panels of the seat feature black on black embroidered logos, and rest on the seats thick foam padding. This seat features the Stealth system that installs with a 5mm allen key and allows for a clean looking seat without the need for a slotted top patch like traditional Pivotal systems.”Kink BMX

Seat Post: Kink, Stealth Seat Post
Cranks: Kink, Brace Cranks, 160mm
Sprocket: Tree, Lite Bolt Drive, 28T
Chain: KMC, Z1eHX Wide Chain
Pedals: HT Components, PA03A Flat Pedals

Pegs: Kink, Drift Pegs
“The Kink Drift pegs comprise of a tough 7075-T6 aluminum core and replaceable durable nylon composite outer sleeve. Kink spent nearly two years developing this unique nylon material that provides the perfect combination of slide and wear resistance. Drift pegs have a 1.5″ outer diameter, and come in both 4″, 4.4″, and 4.8″ lengths. Sold individually.”Kink BMX

Front Tire: Demolition, Momentum Tire, 2.2″
Front Rim: Alienation, Skylark Rim
Front Hub: Profile, Mini Female Hub
Back Tire: Demolition, Momentum Tire, 2.2″
Back Rim: Odyssey, 7KA Rim
Back Hub: Profile, Mini Female Cassette Hub

The Story!

This bike reminds me of a 72-hour rollercoaster. After a trip with The Cliche Crew in Germany, the airline lost my bike on the way home and I was due to fly to California days later for Waffle Cup and Woodward West! I reached out to Kink, Demolition and Hobson Cycles for help. I had snapped the axle in my back wheel while in Germany too, so I needed that replaced on my now-lost wheel. I collected a couple of parts from Hobson and Demolition, and Kink was able to send me a whole new setup to California ready for when I arrived. Shoutout to Epic Ride Shop who helped me build it up. My lost bike was eventually found so I gave a bunch of the parts I no longer needed to some of the Woodward kids. Super grateful for the support from all my sponsors who really had my back when I needed it. Thanks to them a trip of a lifetime was not missed! Thanks guys, you’re the best. Much love!

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