2023 UCI Cycling World Championships – Flatland Results

She did it again! A huge congrats to French Flatlander Aude Cassagne for bringing home back-to-back World Championship wins. Aude who was born in 1990, became the UCI World Champion in 2022 in Abu Dhabi, French Champion in 2022 in Montpellier, France and now the 2023 UCI World Champion in Glasgow!

Final Women Elite Results

  1. CASSAGNE Aude FRA 87.66
  3. NAKAGAWA Kirara JPN 82.66
  4. KAWAGUCHI Sakura JPN 81.26
  5. SEIGNEUR Jeanne FRA 77.00
  6. THURANSZKY Panni HUN 72.00
  7. SEIGNEUR Louise FRA 62.33
  8. KADAR Veronika HUN 59.00
Picture by Matthieu Metivet/SWpix.com – 10/08/2023 – BMX Freestyle Flatland – 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships – Glasgow, Scotland – Women’s Elite Final – Aude Cassagne of France receives the gold medal with Moda Santiago De Oliveira of Brazil receives the silver medal and Kirara Nakagawa of Japan receives the bronze medal

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