Daleny Vaughn Bike Check

BMX racer and DK team member Daleny Vaughn goes through her parts for a Bloom BMX Bike Check. Keep scrolling to check out her ride.

Name: Daleny Vaughn
What is your height? 5’2”
Left or Right Foot Forward? Right

Frame: DK Bicycles Professional X Size Pro

“The DK Professional celebrates 10 years of topping podiums and high performance with an all-new design called Professional-X. Building on the same proven geometry that’s been raced to countless UCI World titles and Olympic main events, the Professional-X is remastered to be stiffer, faster, and deliver straight out of the gate. The Professional-X frame includes a Hydroformed tube set with tear drop and hourglass bridges, 3D dropouts with 20/15/10mm axle compatibility. The low-profile geometry of each frame size is crafted for speed and stability.”

Fork: Box X5
Handlebar: Tangent Flatiron
Stem: Box Front Load Stem
Headset: Duo Brand
Grips: Tangent Contour Grip
Brakes: Shimano
Lever: Box One Genius Brake Lever
Gyro or Cable: Cable

Seat: Tioga Spyder Seat
Seat Post:
Tioga Spyder
Cranks: Duo C2 Crankset
Sprocket: Duo Chainring
Chain: SRAM 8 Speed
Pedals: Clips HT T2 Flats Duo Hi-Lo Pedals

Front Tire: Odyssey Super Circuit
“Odyssey is happy to introduce the new ultra-light Super Circuit tire. This welcome addition to the lineup has been designed to meet the demands of pro-level BMX racing and park/transition riding. Some of Odyssey’s most iconic tires have inspired the Super Circuit’s all-new tread design, with a focus placed on its shallow, grippy tread block depth and K-Lyte Plus casing layup to save weight. The Super Circuit tire features a fast and smooth center tread, knurling on the side blocks, and it is offered in a competition-ready foldable bead option only.”

Front Rim: Duo Carbon Hoop
Front Hub: Duo R2 Front Hub
Back Tire: Odyssey Super Circuit
Back Rim: Duo Modulus Carbon Hoop
Back Hub: Duo R2 120 Rear Hub

Anything else we should know about your bike? It’s fast!

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