Junior Girls UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Bazhong, China Video

Girls doing 3 whips at 9 years old?! Absolutely blown away with the level of riding of these junior girls 🤯! It’s amazing to see how much China has invested in BMX in the recent years and it’s definitely paying off. The level that these kids are at is so impressive, excited to see how much they are going to push the sport in years to come!


  1. 胡依晗 Carol HU YIHAN | 9 years old
  2. 吴芋尔 Woo YUER | 10 years old
  3. 熊钰玲 Yulin XIONG | 13 years old
  4. 王莺嘉 Yingjia WANG | 7 years old
  5. 张丹维 Zhang DANWEI | 12 years old
  6. 李艺馨 Yixin LI | 7 years old

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