DIG BMX If this is any sign of what 2024 has in store for us, then bring it on! Fracture is back with another absolute gem of a video, this time titled, ‘Unity’. Everything about these rules – from the riding, soundtrack, super 8 footage, and downright beautiful vibes, this is an instant classic. Big love to the Fracture crew – we’re lucky to have you.

“This whole video started with a bunch of leftover clips I had lying around from different trips with David and Anton – every now and then I’d also get a clip here at home with Anton or someone else would be pointing the camera at me. After a while of also getting some clips of friends again, I knew that I wanted to make a Fracture video out of it. I believe that the scene we’ve got going on here in Cologne is something special and it means so much to me. So many talented people, and so many good friends who always have each other’s backs.

For it to become an actual Fracture video, it was clear to me that I needed to get a whole lot more clips with friends. All these people and way more, make Fracture what it means to all of us. Unity!” – Felix Prangenberg Filmed by Anton Arens, David Schaller, Markus Wilke, Angelo Kurtz, Kilian Reichmeyer, Nina Prangenberg, Luc Flosbach and Felix Prangenberg. Video by Felix Prangenberg

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