The Bloom BMX Awards 2023 Results

We are so stoked to share the results from The 2023 Bloom BMX awards, along with the top 5 nominees in each category. Thank YOU for voting and we look forward to seeing what 2024 brings!

Kim Lea MĂĽller

We are stoked to announce Kim Lea MĂĽller as your 2023 Park Rider of the Year! We had a stacked list of nominees but it’s no surprise Kim Lea edged everyone out with Kim having her most winningest year starting with Gold at Ruhr Games, becoming Germany’s National Champion, finishing 10th at the UCI World Championships, 1st at the Gold Coast Cup, 2nd at the European games and not to mention, also winning the Freedom BMX Mag Awards. Congrats Kim!

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Kim Lea Mueller
  2. Hannah Roberts
  3. Nikita Ducarroz 
  4. Perris Benegas 
  5. Sibei Sun

Saya Sakakibara

From almost quitting because of lingering concussion symptoms, to … hold on, let me try to say this all in one breath … Becoming a 3 x Australian Elite National Champ, Oceana Champ, winning Auscycling BMX Racer of the Year, having MULTIPLE gold World Cup wins, finishing 4th at Worlds, finishing 2023 as the overall UCI World Cup Elite winner AND seeing her man Romain Mahieu become World Champion … *gasp* … We are honoured to add one more thing onto her year and announce @sayasakakibara as your 2023 Racer of the year! The racers have spoken!

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Saya Sakakibara 
  2. Mariana Pajon 
  3. Bethany Shriever 
  4. Felicia Stancil 
  5. Payton Ridenour
Emma Finnegan by Naoki Gaman
Emma Finnegan by Naoki Gaman

Emma Finnegan

We are honoured to announce the 2023 Street Rider of the Year award to Emma Finnegan! Emma has had a packed year with being part of the recent @theclichecrew edit, competing at Simple Session, travelling to the US to ride, and also capturing her most difficult trick and what we believe to be a women’s first, the feeble hard 180 bar … not to mention, being nominated for the NORA cup Women’s Rider of the Year. Emma has had a winning year, and we’re stoked to add 1 more win to her resume.

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Emma Finnegan
  2. Anahi Valentina
  3. Francina Fernandez 
  4. Bethany Hedrick 
  5. Linda Grabner 
Photo by Naoki Gaman

Carin Hommura

Barely a teenager, Carin Hommura has had one busy year! She’s brought home multiple gold medal wins, including at competitions like Flatark, Chimera A-side, Chiba Cup and at multiple Japan Cup stops … so it’s no surprise you voted her in as your 2023 Flatlander of the year! This is Carin’s second time winning this award since 2020. Congrats Carin!

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Carin Hommura
  2. Aude Cassagne
  3. Jeanne Seigneur
  4. Kiara Nakagawa
  5. Leticia Moda
Alvaro Varas

Teresa Fernández-Miranda

We are stoked to announce Teresa Fernández-Miranda as your 2023 Trail Rider of the Year! This is Teresa’s second time winning since introducing this category in 2021. It’s no surprise Teresa won this again with her frequenting legendary spots like Morral Park, La Poma Bike Park, not to mention her Backwoods Trail clips from Vans INTEGRATION. Congrats Teresa!

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Teresa Fernández 
  2. Jesse Gregory 
  3. Angie Marino
  4. Perris Benegas 
  5. Susana GarcĂ©s 
Scott Marceau

Perris Benegas

Today we are celebrating the kind of rider that encompasses the art of speed and style in the purest form of riding. It’s not just about being the best bowl rider, it’s looking at the full package and so we are stoked to announce Perris Benegas as your back-to-back Bowl Rider of the Year. Perris dominated in 2023 despite rehabbing her knee in the latter half. She started the year with her Haro collab edit with Keir Sirlin, followed by her part in Odyssey “Say Less” and then capping the edits off with Vans INTEGRATION. From edits to a collection drop with Dennis Enarson and then winning NORA Cup women’s rider of the year, we are stoked to add one more win to her year.

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Peris Benegas
  2. Teresa Fernández 
  3. Angie Marino 
  4. Jesse Gregory 
  5. Sasha Pardoe
Rena Shirai by Naoki Gaman

Rena Shirai 

Rookie of the Year in many ways, represents the future of BMX and women’s participation. This year, we are very excited to award the 2023 Rookie of The Year to 12-year-old Rena Shirai from Japan! From a BMX racer with dreams of being a world-class BMX freestyle rider, Rena is very well on her way and we saw that when she made her US debut at Rumble In Richmond and during Bloom Week. Congratulations Rena! 🌸💕🎀

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Rena Shirai 
  2. Victoria Rocha
  3. Bethany Hedrick
  4. Miharu Ozawa 
  5. Dasha Rabanete


What’s the formula for winning The Bloom BMX Brand of the Year award for the 4th time? Is it having women represented from nearly every continent in the world? Is it seeing women represented through a signature product? How about dropping an epic edit and pushing the definition of what it means to be a woman in this sport and inspiring generations to come? I don’t know … but YOU voted and we are proud to award Vans as The 2023 Brand Of the Year!

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Vans 
  2. GT 
  3. 360 BS 
  4. Odyssey
  5. Alienation BMX

Natalya Diehm 

We are stoked to announce Natalya Diehm as your 2023 Comeback of the Year award winner! Within the last two years, Natalya has had to endure 6 surgeries (5 ACL) to the right knee and 2 shoulder labrum repairs to the left shoulder, and as Natalya has put it “Most athletes would say that their time is over but mines not until I SAY it is.” Natalya is proof that with hard work, mental strength and honest vulnerability, you can make it to the other side. This year, Natalya has been awarded the Australia Cycling Women Rider of the Year, she also reclaimed the QLD State Champion title, she rediscovered her love for tech tricks and placed the highest she’s ever placed in an international competition. That’s just some of her accomplishments this year. Welcome back, Natalya.

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Natalya Diehm  
  2. Minato Oike 
  3. Saya Sakakibara 
  4. Anahi Valentina
  5. Linda Grabner

Carley Young

This is awarded to the person who has done an outstanding amount of work to support the growth of the Women’s BMX scene. Thanks to your votes, we are excited to award this to Carley Young for her work in raising the next generation of BMX racers and her love of bringing us together through events and clinics like Ride Like a BMX Girl at The Wheel Mill. Carley is a BMX racing coach, a shredder, and this year’s Backer of the Year winner!

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Carley Young
  2. Linda Grabner
  3. Cindi Partee
  4. Angie Marino
  5. Steve Crandall 

Naoki Gaman 

This year we officially introduced an award to celebrate the photographer or videographer who has made the most impact in Women’s BMX. Your votes came in and we are stoked to have Naoki Gaman as your 2023 Lenswomen of the Year! Naoki’s work spans across multiple sports from snowboarding, skateboarding and of course BMX and this past year, across multiple events like X Games Japan, Fise World, Simple Session and more. Naoki also does a lot for her community in supporting the next generation of Japanese riders by helping them break through into the US market. Here are some highlights from her year. Thank you and congrats Naoki!

Top 5 Voted by You

  1. Naoki Gaman 
  2. Maddy Mario 
  3. Tasha Lindemann
  4. Teresa Grauten
  5. Chrissy Piper

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