2024 Olympic Qualifier Series – Shanghai, China Results

The first-ever Olympic Qualifier Series went down in Shanghai, China this weekend. For those unfamiliar, this event was a new addition as part of the road to Paris 2024, bringing together the best athletes in BMX freestyle, breaking, skateboarding and sport climbing in a single urban park. Points earned here will determine which athletes will secure quota places for Paris 2024.

On the Women’s BMX side, China swept both qualifying and finals. For images and more, check out our content on @thebloombmx. Here are the results and you can watch beginning to end on olympics.com

  1. SUN Sibei CHN
  2. SUN Jiaqi CHN
  3. DENG Yawen CHN
  4. ROBERTS Hannah USA
  5. BENEGAS Perris USA
  7. DUCARROZ Nikita SUI
  8. VILLEGAS SERNA Queensaray COL
  9. DIEHM Natalya AUS
  10. PEREZ GRASSET Macarena CHI
  11. PARDOE Sasha GBR
  12. WORTHINGTON Elisabeth Charlotte GBR

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