FISE Montpellier 24 – Women’s BMX Freestyle Final Results & Video

This FISE Montpellier was about seeing the young crop of riders come through, and for most, welcoming them to the international stage for the first time too. Experience however spoke louder and we saw French rider Laury Perez take home the gold. 14-year-old Miharu Ozawa from Japan suffered a hard crash in her first run but miraculously got up in seconds and finished strong in her second run securing her silver at her first FISE Montpellier elite competition. Britians Sasha Pardoe rode with variety and style securing her bronze, this was her second time at FISE Montpellier, but her first time being able to compete.


  1. Laury Perez FRA
  2. Miharu Ozawa JPN
  3. Sasha Pardoe GBR
  4. Minato Oike JPN
  5. Sakura Sugio JPN
  6. Indy Krämer NED
  7. Sinai Oh KOR
  8. Valeriia Liubimova FRA
  9. MaëlysTurini FRA
  10. Nene Naito JPN
  11. Mylee Toohey AUS
  12. Cory Coffey USA

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