Kim Lea Müller on Monster Energy

The star that is Germany’s Kim Lea Müller continues to rise! In the middle of the Olympic Qualifying Series, Kim dropped a surprise announcement shortly after the Shanghai stop – she’s riding for Monster Energy now! We connected with Kim recently to get a few words on how this came to be and how she feels about riding for Monster Energy. Check it out.

“It’s an absolute dream to be on the Monster team, I still can’t really believe it haha! It means a lot to me that a big brand like Monster wants to support me and to be a part of this team with all the amazing riders is a great honour for me. I’m happy and looking forward to working with them on projects and wearing the helmet to the first X Games women’s BMX Park event in a few weeks!! I got a message on Instagram a few months ago asking if I would like to join the Monster Energy Team and I couldn’t believe it haha! Of course, I said yes and now I’m on Monster :)” @kimlea.mueller

Kim will be heading to the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest next week, X Games in Ventura, California the week after and hopefully the Olympics in Paris! Be sure to follow this German superstar!

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