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Kim Lea Müller Bike Check

Germany's National Champion Kim Lea Müller has a brand new bike! Today we're breaking down every part of her bike with support from Backbone BMX!

Quick Questions with Kim Lea Müller

Keep your eyes on BMX Freestyle rider Kim Lea Müller from Germany and learn about her today on the Bloom BMX!

Kim Lea Müller Bike Check (Video)

Earlier in September, we were in North Carolina at DDASC where we caught up with Kim Lea Muller for a breakdown of her bike. Kim is 164cm, right foot forward and this...

Video : ALL IN Dean Florian & Kim Lea Müller in Flensburg

Kim Lea Muller and Dean Florian cruising the Flensburg skatepark. Kim sends some big 360's and a flip ??! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br7uzwPtUyQ Double Trouble in Schlachthof BMX and Skatepark in Flensburg: Kim Lea Müller and Dean...

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