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Spotlight: Racing with Amelia Walsh

About a year ago, I was at Joyride and I noticed a girl clearing the big box jumps. I mean, I've seen a couple of girls do them but no one...

Racing at Saugeen Shores

The last few days have been super busy for me, I'm either working and racing afterwards or driving hours to race, but the last few days have also been the best -...

New Magnolia BMX Race Team?

Probably not, but I think I found my calling. I had my first race on Thursday at Milton, Ontario's Track 2000. I consistently stayed in 2nd place but I still have a...

Spotlight: Racing with Caroline Buchanan

Have you ever thought about getting into racing? It's definitely not a bad idea if you already own a BMX. From racing, you'll learn to pump around the track and especially when...

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