• Spotlight: Sasha Pardoe

    Beatrice May 14, 2020

    Sasha, we gotta talk about the big elephant in the room first, you recently got picked up by Tall Order BMX, how did this come about! I’ve always been interested in riding for Tall order and watched a lot of their videos. After winning the Backyard Jam series at Corby, Bas Keep asked if I would be on their team, almost immediately after winning the final! For those who don’t…

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  • I want to learn how to BMX!

    Guest May 12, 2020

    Girl, you need to start a fire before you can see a flame. If you’re hungry for warmth but haven’t quite got your gears rolling, here are some tips and reminders for your journey. 1. START RIDING How do I start? What do I do? Well, how did you learn how to walk, to talk, or to read? Okay, you may not remember that far back. Picture day 1 on…

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  • Caroline Buchanan for Nutri-Grain Australia & New Zealand

    Beatrice May 11, 2020

    If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you might see a familiar face around the breakfast table. Congratulations to Caroline Buchannan who can be found featured on Nutri-Grain! “I am super honored to fulfill a little girl dream of mine to be in a TV commercial and especially on the cover of a cereal box! I always looked at mainstream sports stars on cereal boxes and dreamed that one…

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  • Yayyy, We Finally Made Merch!

    Angie Marie May 9, 2020

    www.shopthebloombmx.com PREORDER Today! (Prices in Canadian $) All shirts are unisex fit. 100% cotton. All orders (besides necklaces) will be shipped out in the next 1-2 weeks. During these crazy times, please be patient with shipping and receiving 🙂 Necklaces will be shipped out in 4-6 weeks! Thank you for your support <3 The Bloom BMX

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  • Bike Check : Sarah Lampert

    Angie Marie May 5, 2020

    Sarah Lampert just built up a fresh new bike. Take a closer look below! Frame: Cult Shorty, 20.5 Black Fork: Cult Sect V2 Chrome Bars:  Cult Foley Bars Chrome Stem: Profile Mark Mulville Push 48mm Aqua Grips: Cult Ricany Seatpost: Cult Counter Seat: Cult Ricany Pedals: Odyssey OGPC Black Cranks: Cult 165mm Chrome Sprocket: Cult Dak Guard Sprocket 28T Front Tire: Cult AK Tire 2.5 Front Wheel: Odyssey light house, Profile…

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