• Monday Motivation: Perris Benegas

    Beatrice May 25, 2020

    Happy Monday folks! Here’s some motivation to get you through the week. Today we’re sending a throwback to a time when a blonde 18-year-old Perris Benegas was featured in an edit made by Ricardo Cruz. This was her first big debut to the BMX community back in 2014.   Also, another must-see throwback is this Cult edit with Perris Benegas and Angie Marino. Happy Monday

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  • Support Your Park Part 7: 5050 Skatepark

    Beatrice May 19, 2020

    There have been so many changes to our day to day lives since Covid-19 hit North America. From the changing group numbers, countless recreational facilities being closed and even our borders between Canada and the USA being shut down still, it’s hard to keep up. All of our businesses are hurting and as we attempt to flatten the curve while moving into more mild weather, it’s important to remember that…

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  • Merch Preorder Ends Sunday 5/17

    Angie Marie May 15, 2020

    Hi everyone! Our merch preorder (for shirts & hats) will be ending this Sunday, May 17th. Thanks to everyone who has supported and ordered already <3. If you haven’t ordered yet, get your order in by this Sunday. We will only be ordering a few extra shirts and hats to keep in the store. WWW.SHOPTHEBLOOMBMX.COM We should be receiving everything (besides the necklaces) by the end of next week and…

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  • Spotlight: Sasha Pardoe

    Beatrice May 14, 2020

    Sasha, we gotta talk about the big elephant in the room first, you recently got picked up by Tall Order BMX, how did this come about! I’ve always been interested in riding for Tall order and watched a lot of their videos. After winning the Backyard Jam series at Corby, Bas Keep asked if I would be on their team, almost immediately after winning the final! For those who don’t…

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  • I want to learn how to BMX!

    Guest May 12, 2020

    Girl, you need to start a fire before you can see a flame. If you’re hungry for warmth but haven’t quite got your gears rolling, here are some tips and reminders for your journey. 1. START RIDING How do I start? What do I do? Well, how did you learn how to walk, to talk, or to read? Okay, you may not remember that far back. Picture day 1 on…

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