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Vans x The Bloom Day 9

The last day of Vans x The Bloom, the crew is sent to Huntington Beach to celebrate BMX amongst family and friends.

Vans x The Bloom Day 8

The Vans x The Bloom BMX tour get's kicked out of a street spot on day 8. Check out what happened when we were in Palm Springs.

Haro En Colombia! – HARO BMX 2022

We head south to Bogota Colombia to visit the home of Haro rider, Michael Mogollon, and to ride the biggest parks and the most...

Vans x The Bloom Day 7

It's Day 7 of the Vans x The Bloom tour! The crew spends sometime exploring the desert heat from Palm Springs, California.

Vans x The Bloom Day 6

Day 6 of Vans x The Bloom took us to the streets in Fresno, California

Vans x The Bloom Day 5

Day 5 of Vans x The Bloom took us to the streets of San Jose, California.

Vans x The Bloom Day 4

A busy day for Vans x The Bloom, the crew spent some time exploring beautiful Santa Cruz.

Vans x The Bloom Day 3

Vans x The Bloom spent one more day in San Francisco, check out what happened on Day 3 of the tour.

Vans x The Bloom Day 2

Catch up on Day 2 of the Vans x The Bloom tour where the crew went to Napa, Benicia and Novato Skatepark.

Vans x The Bloom Day 1

A recap of Day 1 of Vans x The Bloom. Let me first start off by saying the first day didn't have much in the way of riding, actually there was none.

Vans x The Bloom Tour 2022

A year in the making and years overdue, we are incredibly excited to announce our collaboration with Vans BMX to embark on a road trip that will be bringing together some of the top international athletes in women’s BMX. Come hang with us!

What Was Your Favorite Part Of Women’s Weekend 2022?

Brant Moore with another great video from Women's Weekend at Rays MTB, where he asked some of the ladies, "What Was Your Favorite Part Of Women's Weekend 2022?".

Interview with Cory Coffey

A household name is Women's BMX, if you don't know who Cory Coffey is, you're either living under a rock or at no fault of your own, you don't know anything about the history of Women's BMX. Brant Moore sits down with Cory Coffey and goes through her history in the sport.

What Was Your First BMX Bike? Asked by Brant Moore

Today's a good day to feel nostalgic and think about the first BMX bike you owned. Brant Moore asked this question to a group of ladies during Women's Weekend at Rays MTB.

New UCI measures in response to Ukraine

In response to the attacks in Ukraine, the UCI has released a statement in response to the aggression from Russia and Belarus.

Beat the Class – Harry G vs Lara Lessmann

“Beat the Class” pits a popular celebrity against one of our elite #Classof22 athletes. In this episode it's Harry G vs Lara Lessmann.

The Winter Welcome Jam – Lady Shredder Award

In a partnership between The Bloom BMX, Odyssey BMX, and The Wheel Mill, we are stoked to be supporting The Winter Welcome Jam!

Bethany vs Brant – Game of Bike

16-year-old Bethany Hedrick takes on Brant Moore in a game of Bike! Who will win? Bethany does... sorry, spoilers!

Product Review: Recon Knee Pads

Looking for new knee pads? Take a look at the new Recon Knee Pads from Six Six One.

2022 Rays MTB Women’s Weekend Recap

A recap of Women's Weekend at Rays MTB and what it means for the community.

UCI BMX Freestyle World Championships heads to Abu Dhabi

Dates have been confirmed for the 2022 and 2024 Urban Cycling World Championships, which will be heading to the United Arab Emirates.

Benny Gonzales joins Subrosa & The Shadow Conspiracy

This week marks a milestone moment in BMX, as Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy announced the addition of their first non-binary sponsored athlete to their team.

Team Canada Training Vlog with Molly Simpson & Teigan Pascual

Join Molly Simpson & Teigan Pascual, along with the rest of Team Canada as they take you in on a day of BMX racing in this vlog.

NASS Details for 2022

NASS festival, the UK’s biggest celebration of music, street art, skate and BMX is returning to the Bath & West Showground, near Bristol this year, on 7 – 10 July 2022.

22′ Spring Bloom BMX Product Drop

Check out our 22' Spring Bloom BMX Product Drop!

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