Spotlight: Kennedy Novosel


Once in a while, I have one of those days where I feel super old, today is no exception. I ran into our next interviewee at Inflow Bike & Skatepark not too long ago. It was my first day back riding after a long hiatus and I was shocked to see another female rider. She only started riding this past summer and has already developed major skills on her bike. I’m personally really excited to see her ride. Born in 97′ -_-, here is Kennedy Novosel.

Where are you from? Hamilton, Ontario

When and how did you start riding? I started riding last year in June but I started coming to Inflow in May, as a Skateboarder. Will (the owner), convinced me to get on a bike and ever since then I haven’t gotten on a skateboard.

Will Toronto Jam be your first competition and what are you looking forward to? Toronto Jam will be my first competition. I’m really looking forward to it but I am a little bit nervous too. I know I’m going to have a wicked time so that makes me a little less nervous. I’m expecting Toronto Jam to be really fun and a great experience to meet new riders and other girls that share the same interest as me, plus I get a chance to ride different ramps and have a fun competition.

Any special shout-outs? A shout-out to Will for always always helping me whenever I wanted to try something and for always giving me ideas of things to try and to all my other friends there that take their time to ride with me.



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