Spotlight: Kiera Bonifacio

As you may know, Magnolia BMX will be supporting the girls class this year, at the 2012 Toronto BMX Jam. We’re going to cover as much as possible during those three days (March 2- 4) and update live every night. Compared to last year, this year looks to be a huge improvement. We are currently seeing double the amount of girls registered and three cash prizes for the top three contenders. I wanted to do a spot light on one of the 2011 riders, who we can expect to see again this year. Take a look at Kiera Bonifacio.

Where you are from? Oakville, Ontario.

How long have you been riding? I’ve been riding BMX for almost 2 years now.

What was Toronto Jam 2011 like for you? Toronto BMX Jam 2011 was definitely an experience for me, having only been on a bike less than a year and it being my first competition and all. The lack of contestants made things less intimidating and since one girl was my sister-in-law…it felt more like a shred session than anything.

What are you expecting or looking forward to this year? 2012 BMX Jam should be more interesting with more girls involved. It’s great to see more girls are participating. I’m excited to share the experience of a first competition with some of the girls I’ve been riding with at Inflow and Joyride this year. I’m hoping that we get a possible qualifying run as well as a finals run, to give us girls more of a chance to show off our skills. I know I’m not the only one stoked to see Peta Shepard rip up the course.

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