Spotlight: Allison López

BeatriceMarch 19, 2012


I feel like there should be more coverage on our fellow female riders, there’s a decent amount of coverage for North America, but personally not enough for Asia, Europe and in this case South America (Let’s not forget Oceania, Peta). I am thrilled to introduce to you, another female competitor at Simple Session 2012, say hello to BMX rider and model, Allison López! (BTW, it took me about an hour to think of a smart intro, sorry for the geography lesson)

Please tell us about you!
My name is Allison López, I was born in Uruguay but raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now I am kind of living everywhere because of my job. This year I am spending most of the time in Paris… I love France!


I have been riding since I was 18 but I had to let my bike go for 2 years because of my job. I work as a model, which is pretty difficult to mix with this sport. I have some times that I ride a lot and times that I have to slow down. Anyways, I enjoy so much riding that I don’t care… hahhahah riding make me free and happy… even if I can’t do too many tricks on the bike, riding bring me good sensations.. 🙂

Sao Paulo. Brasil Trip getting some fun. vao viveeee!!! 2V On the air! from Allison Lopez on Vimeo.

What can you tell us about Simple Session?
Well about SS, this is my first one and also the first contest I will be riding in. I don’t like competitions but I need to ride in this place hahhahaha. I heard just good stuff about this event so lets go for it!!! hahahahah

What will your schedule be like during Simple Session, is there anything you are looking forward to?
My schedule in Estonia? hahhahahha enjoying a good session with the girls and partying as usual hahhahahah. Like I said, I will love to ride the course first and also see riders like Ruben or Sergio riding.

Any tips for girls who are looking to enter next year?
Do not hesitate to come because riding and having fun is the purpose.

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