Spotlight: Camila Harambour

BeatriceMarch 20, 2012

Photos by Andres Harambour.

I’m very excited about our next Sister Session / Simple Session interviewee, from what Peta tells me, she’s very cool chick and hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet this lady soon! Hola Camila!

Please introduce yourself!
Hey! I’m Camila Harambour. I was born in Punta Arenas, a small city at the South of Chile, but I’m actually living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve been riding BMX for 10 years now and I’m actually riding for MegaRamp, 34R Bike Co. and Bodacious, although I could also say I’m riding for my parents who have been the mayor support in all my riding career.


What is Simple Session in your perspective?
This year is going to be the first time that Simple Session holds a girls class, which they named Sisters Session. I’m so happy I’m gonna be able to assist. We are around 10 girls who confirmed already from all parts of the world. I don’t know if Simple Session the most important contest in BMX, but what I know for sure is that is the one that most riders want to go. I’m really looking forward to see what the guys are gonna though this time, as well as giving my best in the park and of course having an amazing time at the park and at the parties!

What will your schedule be like during Simple Session and while in Estonia?
I arrive to Estonia on Wednesday afternoon so I guess I’ll be a tourist for the rest of that day with my mom and then Thursday and Friday are practice days. The girls heat will be on Saturday and then on Sunday I’ll watch the guy’s final.


Any tips for girls who are looking to enter next year?
I recommend all girls who want to enter a contest to go with the idea of having a great time! You’ll have time for yourself to enjoy the park, do what you like the most and meet new riders! At least for me, the more fun I’m having, the best I’m riding.

Do you need a certain skill level?
Certain skill level? Just having control of your bike and knowing how to use the ramps (if you’re riding park).

How about travel tips?
About traveling, although you’ll meet a lot new riders at wherever you’re going, its always good to know at least someone before, even by facebook, its super easy nowadays! Also remember to pack everything you need, but JUST what you need… I’m sick of paying overweight lol. And personally what I can say is that learning English has helped me a lot though all my traveling. I know I still need to improve it, but I was able to write all this now! Haha. So try to know at least a little bit of the language they talk.


Are you looking forward to anything specific while being there?
Meeting all the girls is always fun! Hopefully there’s no drama going on this time lol (ooooo Gosip!). There are also a lot of riders I haven’t seen in a while that I’m looking forward to see and ride, and party with them! I think is gonna be so fun, I cant wait to be there!

❤ Thank you Camila!

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