Spotlight: Zandile Popandile


Oh boo, we’re nearing the end of our Simple Session interviews! I hope you guys have been enjoying these so far! Our next rider is from Germany, say Guten Tag to Zandile!

Please introduce yourself!
Hi, my name is Zandile Mkwanazi, most people call me Zee, I’m 19 years old and I live in Cologne, Germany. I’ve been riding BMX for about 4 years now, with several breaks though. I spent a year in Michigan, USA and didn’t have the opportunity to ride my bike for the first 7 months. In 2011 I broke my ankle in two places and ripped all my legaments so I couldn’t ride my bike for 4 months. And last but not least, my bike got stolen two times… ha. I ride for CROWBMX, a local BMX shop, which is really nice.


What is Simple Session in your perspective?
This is the first time Simple Session is having a girls class. I’m really stoked about that and I have to give big shout outs to the people who made that possible (Angie, Kayley, Risto and so on…)

What are you looking forward to?
I’m excited to ride bikes with girls that come from all around the world, also, big contest like that are so much fun. To be honest, the competition is not really THAT important for me, because I’m not really a contest rider. But never the less I love the good vibes, parties and the whole atmosphere. I really can’t wait to go!!!


Anything you are not looking forward to?
The only thing that’s annoying is, to fly with your bike. Especially when you’re traveling with ryanair haha. But I’m sure that everything will work out just fine! See you in Estonia xx

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