Spotlight: Ashley Bird


Please introduce yourself!
My name is Ashley Bird, I’m 25 years old. I live in Aberdeen, which is in the north east of Scotland. I started bmxing 5 years ago. The furthest I have travelled to ride is to California, which is an awesome 12 hours of flying! As far as competitions go, I always try and enter the local competitions, but I’m always the only girl so just ride with the guys. I don’t have any sponsors at the moment.

I understand you are from Aberdeen, which is one of the larger cities in Scotland. How would you describe the female riding scene there?
Lonely! Haha. To be honest the whole of Scotland girls scene has been pretty empty. I ride with guys majority of the time. Recently I have seen some young talented girls riding down Edinburgh way but that’s about 3 hours drive. I also know a few girls from England. So try to ride with them when they visit Scotland.

Could you name some parks that you would recommend?
My local park is Transition Extreme. It’s indoors and they have a girls priority night on Mondays, but im usually the only bmxer girl, it’s mostly skateboarders girls that come. But none the less a nice atmosphere. Any park will welcome girls, Scotland is friendly like that! If anybody is ever visiting give me a shout as always try drive to different parks in Scotland to have a session.

I remember you from the 2009 Magnolia BMX Video competition, we’re having another one this year, can I look forward to an edit from you? How do you feel you have progressed since the last 2009 video?
I will definitely try put something together! This year has been particularly busy for me with hardly any time to ride as I have been planning my wedding that’s in mid May! (I’m meant to be banned for my bike the month prior so I don’t hurt myself but that hasn’t happened! Hehe) I recently put together a video from last years footage, summer and autumn, which showed my progression over the past couple of years. I think after the wedding I will work on learning some new tricks, and catch it on film for a new edit.

The BMX Worlds is coming up soon, will this be your first time there?
It will be my first time. First girls only competition too! I have entered local BMX jams with guys, but nothing on this scale.

How are you preparing for the trip?
My flights and hotel are booked! Get there on Thursday, I am staying at the same hotel as a friend from LA, and my fiance is coming a day after i arrive to be my ‘mechanic’ and cheer me on at the competition! The month leading up to the competition I will be putting as much time as possible riding my bike and learning/improving tricks. I often go to the gym to help build my strength for my riding.


Are you looking forward to meeting anyone while you are there?
Of course! Everyone! Looking forward to seeing old friends and making lots of new ones. Also it will be my first time in Germany and I’ve heard cologne is a lovely city! I look forward to riding and partying with everyone.

Want to know what Ashley is riding? Check out the bike check below!


Frame – Superstar Cooper 20.75
Forks – Odyssey Race
Bars – Odyssey Spacebar, cut to 27″
Stem – Proper Microlite
Headset – 20Twenty engraved
Grips – A bike co Edwin flangeless
Barends – Odyssey Par end
Cranks – Odyssey Wombolt RHD flipped
Sprocket – Kis bike co Cutter 25t
Pedals – Odyssey Twisted, axles flipped
Seat – Odyssey Senior 2 Nightwolf
Seat Post – A bike co
Brake – Odyssey Evo 2
Lever – Odyssey Trigger
Gyro – Odyssey GTX
Cables – Snafu Astroglide
Pegs – A bike co Light
Hubguards – BSD
Hub F – BSD Street
Hub R – BSD Street LHD Female
Rim F – Proper Microlite
Rim R – G-sport Rollcage
Spokes – Vocal
Tyre F – Fit FAF 2.25
Tyre R – Odyssey Path p-lite 2.10

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